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V0002 - Vintage Gold Tone Brooch with Wine Red Rhinestone


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V0003 - Vintage Gold Tone Wreath Brooch with Aventurine Chip


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V0004 - Vintage Clip Earrings - Goldtone-Amethyst-Pearl-Green


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V0012 - Vintage Yellow Sqaure Earrings


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V0011 - Vintage White Circle Earrings


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V0010 - Vintage Dangle Earrings - Silver Tone with Amber Resin


Item collection 48af94d7 7f83 4a41 9105 3e4f354d7a5d

V0009 - Vintage Clip Earrings - Silver Tone Clear Rhinestone


Item collection 0163a669 7419 49dd 8efb ac15a58f845a

V0008 - Vintage - Necklace with Black and Gold Accent


Item collection 66f6e6bd 6367 4744 b02e 2c3a8e0c9756

V0007 - Vintage - NAPIER Gold Plate beads and Flux Pearls


Item collection 77a82b51 c479 4fdf 9253 996c25f43151

V0006 - Vintage - TRIFARI Gold Tone Black Chain tortile Necklace


Item collection b0ec4b6a f754 4d80 b080 17d9ef3e6de7

V0005 - Vintage Clip Earrings - Goldtone - Flux Pearl and AB Coating Rhinestone


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